1. Mounting the OSB board

I recommend fixing the OSB board to the wall with at least 6 screws. Leave a gap (here 12 mm) between the OSB board and the wall. The gap can be achieved by gluing a cut-out OSB board of 10×10 cm. The gap is recommended so that the screws for fastening the top-hat rail can be screwed freely through the board.

2. Preparation of the DIN rail

At the end of each DIN rail there is a process-related burr which should be removed before screwing the rail to the OSB board or other underlay.

To ensure smooth sliding of the components, the end of the DIN rail must be straightened.

3. Mounting the DIN rail

Depending on the size of the tools, the distance between the rails should be 30 – 40 cm.

Depending on the weight of the tools, the distance between the rail fastening screws should be 10 – 20 cm.

4. 2 different suspension systems,
depending on tool holder

Mounting the tool holder by sliding it on from the side.

Mounting the tool holder by pushing it on from the front.

5. Hanging up the storage boxes