Engineering is our passion

Our design office offers a wide range of design services. From the prototype in additive technology (3D printing) to the finished product. We prepare complete technical documentation for each project and manufacture the product in accordance with customer requirements. Practical knowledge and many years of experience allow us to solve the most complex problems of our clients.



Our high level of creativity enables us to efficiently implement projects of various scales in a professional and individual manner. We always strive to achieve complete satisfaction of our clients.

Lead time

Our strength is the fast turnaround time of projects while maintaining the highest standards, including design and technical documentation.


We have over 20 years experience in the automotive industry. We know that every detail is important. We work with attention to detail to ensure quality in every project.

Contact and quote for your project

If you have any questions about our offer, would like to consult your idea or estimate a project – send us a message. We will contact you shortly and answer all your questions.